Nine years of Spaghetti Dinners for the Residence !

It has taken a whole lot of pasta. And pounds and pounds of spaghetti sauce ! Think about it, 296 spaghetti meals. But above all, great doses of generosity are required to raise $2,215 for the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence Foundation. Imagine this, times nine. The total amount goes up to $38,902! If we add up the donations from the ambassadors and the population, the total amount reaches $65,000…

This is what the district 47’s Knights of Colombus have been doing for nine years. The Spaghetti Dinner – or spaghetti day to be more exact as meals are served for lunch as well – is a community event planned by the organization for the benefit of the Foundation.

The ninth Spaghetti Day took place the 21st of October 2018 in Les Coteaux. The Residence warmly thanks Mr. Laurier Gauthier and his teams, as well as all the generous contributors who have enjoyed a nice pasta meal.

Some community events happen once in a lifetime, some others come back again and again, but few are those that happen nine times and that is why we want to highlight the multiplication and the success of this one.

The Knights of Columbus District 47 have long earned their stripes when it comes to generous spaghettis. « We’ve been doing dinners for many years for other organizations. One day, we talked with Sylvie Crevier (one of the founder of the Residence) and that is what led us to do the same for the Residence», explains Mr. Gauthier.

The goal? Collect money for the Residence, of course. However, Mr. Gauthier and his team also rallied, as part of holding these dinners, new donors who embraced the mission of the Residence by becoming ambassadors.They have so far donated $65,000 for the Foundation. For Mr. Gauthier and his teams, this generosity is a powerful argument to continue serving delicious «spags» to all those guests who are committed to the mission of the Residence.