In addition to its major events, the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence Foundation is supported by several organizations in the region. These events which benefit the VSPCRF are a great help and we invite you to contact us if you wish to organize your own community fundraising event.

How to proceed with organizing a community fundraiser for our cause: 

  1. Please contact Madeleine Langlois at 450 202-2202, extension 128 to discuss your idea and set up a meeting.
  2. Please download and fill out the Registration Application Form and send it to
  3. Download the toolkit and frequently asked questions to help you organize your initiative.


Make it Fun! The word Fun is in Fundraising for a reason! Whether it is a social or corporate fundraiser, here are some ideas to help get you get started:

  • Cocktail Party, Wine & Cheese, with a special guest or speaker
  • Meeting of local artists or authors
  • Sports tournament; Golf, Curling, Baseball, Poker Tournaments, etc.
  • Garage Sale, Closet sales
  • Book sale
  • Independent Business trading cards meeting
  • Trivia Night
  • Jeans day or Hat day at work
  • Car Wash
  • Fashion show featuring local stores’ merchandise
  • Craft Fair
  • Comedy and Benefit show
  • Bowling
  • Bingo
  • BBQ, Picnic
  • Community Lunch or Dinner provided by your local organization
  • School Fundraiser (yes even children like to support their community’s causes)
  • Cultural events; Tours
  • Garden Party, Picnic
  • Halloween – Haunted House
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Car Rally
  • Obstacle Course
  • Birthday/Anniversary ~ Facebook donations
  • New Year’s parties
  • Poinsettia Party coinciding with our Poinsettia Campaign
  • Yoga, Zumba or Pilates classes or challenges
  • Open House event at your place of business
  • Festivals
  • Closet sales

*Several other activities are possible, perhaps you can come up with something really new, different and most of all, special and fun.

Thank you and best wishes!

Madeleine Langlois
Marketing & Community Events Coordinator
450 202-2202, poste 128

2020 Community Fundraisers

2019 Community Fundraisers

A Candlelight Carol Sing-in / Organized by R. et R. Heron

Thank you ~ The event raised: $400.00

Christmas Market Sale /Organized by Le Félix

Christmas Concert /Organized by Amylie & Stépahnie Boulay

Thank you ~ The event raised: $4,232.38

Annual L’Échelle-0-Thon by the l’Association des pompier de Pincourt

Thank you ~ The event raised: $10,000.00

Little Christmas Hat sale “Nanny Hat” / organized by Eva Defilippo

Art Expo ~ Art from the Heart / Organized by Ellen Shizgal

Thank you ~ The event raised: $1,639.72

October 18th,19th & 26

Outdoor Halloween Trour / Chaline Valley Monsters Trail / Organized by Arianne Daoust

Organized by Julie Champagne & Stephanie Léger

Thank you ~ The event raised: $11,000.00

Organized by Georges Sauvé

Thank you ~ The event raised: $1,691.31

Organized by Dr. Jean Wilkins

Thank you ~ The event raised: $3,927.00

Organized by the Jasmine Rose Yoga

Thank you ~ The event raised: $3,560.00

Organized by Marc Drisdelle

Thank you ~ The event raised: $1,367.90


Organized by Marie-Line Leblanc

Thank you ~ The event raised: $7,420.95

Organized by Ginette Plante (Volunteer of the VSPCR)

Thank you ~ The event raised: $10,655.51


Community Fundraisers