No gala but…

The sparkle in the eyes, the excitement of celebrating together with all those who, just like you, hold the Palliative Care Residence’s mission close to their hearts…

This is the exhilarating ambiance of the Residence’s Happening gala, of which the pandemic robs us in January 2021.

Well, not completely. Because we want to recreate this singular joy with you during a “pandemic-friendly” Happening, next April. We have not yet set the date or confirmed the specific shape the event will take, but it will definitely be virtual.

The Residence would be deprived of a considerable source of funding if its annual gala were not held at all. We will need your help to make the 2021 Happening not only an extraordinary celebration, but a decidedly memorable one above all.

As our project becomes clearer, we will be in touch again.

After all, generosity sparkles everywhere we let it shine.