Grief follow up

The VSPCR offers a list of available resources in Vaudreuil-Soulanges and other areas to help guide you through in your grieving process, but is not responsible for the services provided by these organizations. Please ensure that the resources provided are equipped to meet your specific needs.

Literature and Websites

Biblio-Aidants is a series of 15 themed brochures for caregivers. Each brochure describes a disease or subject with which caregivers have to deal, and includes a list of related organizations and websites, as well as movie or book suggestions. The information included in these brochures was selected, analyzed and validated by qualified librarians.


La Gentiane is a service provided by the Coopératives funéraires du Québec.   It is primarily intended as a self-help site where the bereaved can help each other.  All those who leave messages on forums, publishes letters, testimonials or poems may be considered resources for La Gentiane since they help others feel less isolated in their grieving process.


“Un baume pour le cœur“ is a magazine produced by Josée Jacques, a renowned psychologist, for the Corporation des thanatologues du Québec. Adults often fear they may traumatize children and adolescents by talking about death, which leads young mourners to feel that they’re alone, excluded or misunderstood. What adults avoid discussing often assumes overwhelming proportions which far surpass reality. This magazine is written to help adults gain a better understanding of what young people are experiencing in order to be better equipped to help them when they lose a loved one.  What adults say and do have a direct impact on how children and adolescents react to and think about death.


Maison Monbourquette provides a list of bereavement resources in Quebec. This interactive database may be consulted online and includes almost 250 resources (organizations or professionals) throughout the province. Research can be conducted according to various criteria: area, postal code, type of mourning, etc. Local CSSS (the former CLSCs) and psychosocial professionals in your area are also able to direct you to the services available in your area.

By the Canadian Virtual Hospice

Because losing someone is hard to bear helps you understand and work through your grief.

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  • Grieving support  for children and adolescents
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