Useful information

Welcome to your Residence! Know that at the VSPCR, you are at home and we will do everything in our power and within our financial resources to meet your needs and improve your well-being so that you can live in a calm and comforting environment. Once admission is completed, a visit of the Residence will be offered. In this section you will find the following information regarding your Residence (this information is also available in this document):

  1. How to prepare your stay
  2. Care and services offered
  3. Essentials of the Residence
  4. Guidelines at the Residence

How to prepare your stay

Upon arrival of the patient and family, you will be welcomed by a member of the Care Team and once the admission is complete, you will be offered a tour of our facility. Patients are required to bring to the Residence all the medication they presently use and all unusual dressings, stoma equipment, etc. It is also requested they bring the following sanitary care items:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Body Lotion
  • Incontinence products/underwear/ sanitary pads
  • Razer
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Cleaning products for dentures
  • Kleenex
  • Lip balm
  • Makeup
  • Magic Bag
  • Wipes
  • Pyjamas / Robe
  • Credit Card
  • Health Insurance Card

Clothing to be worn by the patient must also be brought from home to maximize comfort. The patient may also bring personal items such as films, books, photos and more. The room can be arranged according to the wishes of the patient.

Care and services offered

The VSPCR specializes in end-of-life care providing pain relief and support for patients, families and friends. Families can stay at the Residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That said, we ask families to respect the code of the Residence as well as the pace and needs of the patient.

The VSPCR team is composed of Health Care and Management professionals, as well as 240 volunteers. It is with great humanity and kindness that they work to make this house, YOUR Residence.

Here is a short presentation of the people you will likely meet:

  • Patient Care staff is available during three shifts; the Director of Care ensures the coordination of care and the liaison between HealthCare professionals.
  • Doctors visit once per day or more, based on needs and they are available on call.
  • Over 240 volunteers work at the Residence. You will meet them working in the kitchen, patient care, laundry, administration, reception, maintenance, housekeeping and gardening. They are special people and they have all been carefully selected and trained to offer the necessary assistance. The volunteer coordinators select and train the volunteers.
  • Our chef and volunteers will prepare good food, taking into account your tastes and your habits.
  • In the Administration, the Executive Director, staff and volunteers ensure proper management of the Residence and perform the administrative work required.
  • The Communications and Events Coordinators manage fundraising and media relations, ensuring proper visibility for the Residence.
  • The Housekeeping Manager is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the home and patient rooms. Cleanliness is essential for us all.

The Essentials of the Residence:

  • The Patient’s room is furnished with a hospital bed, a table on wheels, two “La-Z-Boy” style armchairs (1 with an auto lifter for the patient and 1for a family member) a closet, a television with Internet or
  • Wireless access, a small refrigerator and a telephone. The temperature of each room is adjusted according to patient needs. The patient may increase or decrease the heating or air conditioning with a remote control in the room.
  • A Bathing Room for patients fitted with a high-end therapeutic bath featuring a door that lifts to facilitate access, encouraging patient autonomy. A great shower is also available.
  • The Family Lounge was designed to provide rest for families. This lounge has a sofa bed and two reclining sofas.
  • The Family Bathroom contains a washer and dryer available for use.
  • The Dining Room is available for families, relatives, patients, employees and volunteers. It is a meeting place for all. Meals are free for patients. A fee is charged for others.
  • The Games Room is equipped for children. Children are welcome any time at the Residence.
  • The Chapel allows patients and families to retire to a quiet and peaceful place.
  • The Farewell Room has a large space which allows families to gather following the death of a loved one.
  • The Music Room is accessible at all times. Some days, volunteers play the piano for the enjoyment of patients and families.
  • The Conference Room located on the 2nd floor of the Residence is available for family gatherings such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, etc. It is also used for meetings and training sessions.

Guidelines at the Residence:

  • Parking is free.
  • Visits are allowed at any time. Children accompanied by an adult are welcome regardless of age.
  • The doors are locked between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. You must ring to enter.
  • In order to control the comings and goings of visitors, we ask family members of patients and visitors to always sign the register upon arrival and departure.
  • We realize that the family pet is important and provides company for the patient. We request that the family watch the animal.
  • Laundry of patient’s clothing can be done by the family whenever possible.
  • Patient outings are possible with the doctor’s permission.
  • Certain services on request can be provided, such as hairdressing, massage, acupuncture, etc. If costs are incurred, they are at the charge of the patient or family.
  • A coffee machine ($1 per coffee) is available to families and friends (free for patients, employees and volunteers).
  • The government tobacco law applies to the Residence. All must comply with the conditions of this law to reduce the inconvenience to other patients and their families. For patients who wish to smoke, we ask families to accompany them outside to ensure their safety.

We hope this information answers your questions. Rest assured that we are always available should you have further questions regarding the care and services provided by the VSPCR.

For more information, please contact us:

Telephone: 450 202-2202