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After a two-year absence, the friends and partners of the Residence were finally able to gather in person last Saturday at Château Vaudreuil's Pavillon sur le Lac to attend the annual Happening Gala. The Residence's flagship event had all the right ingredients needed to create a memorable evening: cocktails, an art exhibition, a gourmet dinner, a gift bar, a live auction, a surprise announcement, an intimate show with charismatic singer Marc Hervieux as well as moments of pure emotion that struck a chord of generosity. The amount of $237,777, unveiled during the gala, was raised during the last fundraising campaign and over the course of the night.



The Foundation also wished to highlight the extraordinary contribution and unwavering dedication of Mr. Gilles Hébert and Ms. Marie Caron, instigators of the last 12 poinsettia campaigns, and for whom this year was the last. Ms. Caron took the opportunity to stress the importance of volunteer involvement at the Residence and Mr. Hébert launched the invitation for a new volunteer for the poinsettia campaign. Both presidents received a tremendous show of love from the guests who gave the pair a standing ovation.


As the evening's host, Ms. Suzanne Desbois, Vice-president of Commercial Insurance for Groupe DPJL, expressed her commitment by stressing the importance of supporting organizations such as the Residence. “At DPJL, our main mission is to insure our clients' assets. But we also have another mission, which is that of getting involved and helping our community. This is one of our core values.”


Finally, a second ovation took place when Geneviève Bourassa and Claude Gareau of Bourassa Boyer took the stage to present a generous donation of $50,000, to be paid out to the Foundation over a five-year period. Moved by the story of Ms. Andrée Simard, widow of former Prime Minister Robert Bourassa, who was deprived of palliative care, this team, which has been committed to the cause for several years, decided to give back to the community and thus contribute in a concrete manner to maintaining this quality service for the population of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.



This year, over 40 people became Ambassadors of the Foundation by donating $1,000 each. They were moved by the video testimonial featuring the story of Ms. Michelle Payette and her three sons—it was indeed a moment that brought tears to the eyes of attendees and evoked compassion.


This wave of emotion and solidarity continued when tenor Marc Hervieux and his pianist took the stage to perform his greatest hits and captivate the audience.



It is important to mention that the Happening is the result of a collective effort that relies on the support of valuable partners and sponsors. The Foundation would like to thank them for their unwavering support: Damage insurance firm, Groupe DPJL, and Intact Insurance for being event presenters, the SAQ for the champagne and wine, Groupe Auto Force for the valet service, Maxillo 3 Lacs for the photo booth and Sanivac for the red carpet.



A week before the event, the Residence received an incredible gift of 18 paintings from a group of Jay Geeker artists who specialize in Precision Pop Art. Their work is internationally renowned and even inter-spatially renowned—one of their paintings was actually on board the International Space Station. The Residence will be organizing an event during which these works will be sold.  Stay tuned!

An evening filled with smiles, emotion, music and generosity

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