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Social worker

The social worker provides psychological assistance to people at the end of life, their families and loved ones, in collaboration with all caregivers and volunteers. Through its global approach to the person, it promotes the care of the psychological, affective and social dimensions of people struggling with the losses associated with terminal illness. It also provides psychological assistance to caregivers who experience the psychological and affective effects of working in palliative care. 

The Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Center provides palliative care to terminally ill people of all ages in order to promote a dignified and serene end of life, completely free of charge. Each of the 12 individual rooms enjoys a view of the gardens and can accommodate more than 200 beneficiaries per year. Since its opening, more than 2,100 patients have experienced the end of their life there. The care provided seeks to relieve their suffering, without hastening or delaying death, in order to help them maintain the best possible quality of life. Health professionals, support staff and a team of volunteers have the mission of offering them, as well as their loved ones, the support they need.

Schedule type

35 hours / week (possibility of part-time)


  • Provide a warm and attentive presence to the person at the end of life with openness and flexibility, taking into account their needs, their personal journey and their expectations. Adapt the content and frequency of interventions to the patient's personal journey, needs and expectations;

  •  Accompany the patient in his quest for meaning linked to his distress,   to his suffering and his death. Accept the emotions experienced in all dimensions;

  •  Accompany family and loved ones in the process of loss related to the end of life of a loved one. Encourage loved ones to communicate with each other in an authentic and respectful way. Ensure a presence for families overwhelmed by emotions at death and in the first hours of mourning;

  •  Provide advice and offer training to caregivers and care volunteers regarding the various psychosocial aspects of palliative care;

  • Provide psychological assistance to caregivers and volunteers struggling with the psychological and emotional effects inherent in working in a palliative care setting;

  •  Participate in interdisciplinary meetings in order to ensure convergence in interventions.



  • Provide support to the admissions committee by communicating with the various partners to ensure the transmission of information relevant to the admission, transport and reception of patients;

  •  Accompany families and potential patients in their first contacts and their visit to the House;

  •  Coordinate the arrival and integration of patients into their new living environment;

  •  Identify the specific psychosocial needs of patients on admission;

  •  Ensure a presence during the departure ritual;

  •  Ensure communications with the various partners and stakeholders related to internship programs;

  •  Collaborate in the initial training of volunteers and new staff;

  •  Ensure the organization and coordination of the bereavement follow-up committee and the evening in memory of...;

  •  Organize and plan the various one-off programs that may be developed.


  • Have a university degree in social work or a diploma in an equivalent discipline; be a member of a professional order.

  •  Experience in individual and group follow-up in the health sector.

  •  Intrinsic interest in the field of palliative care or experience in practice.

  •  Bilingualism


  • Salary $27.08 to $47.98 per hour;

  • Vacation: equivalent to 8% of accumulated working weeks after one year of service;

  • 3 days of sick leave and 2 personal days;

  • Health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and long-term disability insurance which applies to all permanent employees holding a position after 1 month of service (for full-time employees full). Insurance is 50% paid by the employer;

  • Advantageous group insurance paid at 50% by the employer;

  • Desjardins Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP);

  • Teleworking possible;

  • Enchanting and peaceful workplace in Hudson;

  • Free parking;

  • Possibility to get hot meals at a modest cost in the dining room.

Please send your CV to the attention of Chantal Legault, Assistant General Manager at the following address:

* Please do not call. Only selected candidates will be contacted.

*The masculine is used for the simple purpose of lightening the text. 

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