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What could be better than having fun while raising money to help ensure the
Residence’s future? Whether it’s playing golf, enjoying a nature walk, indulging in a gastronomic meal or partying it up during a special gala event, there are lots of ways
for you to show your generosity.


Although these events are wonderful opportunities for celebrating and demonstrating solidarity, they also play a critical role in the Residence’s financial health. The numbers speak for themselves: since the annual subsidies provided by the government only cover 42% of the Residence’s operating costs, we count on the revenues generated by these annual events to help cover the remaining amount. These events include the Happening Gala, Golf Tournament, Gastronomic and Wild Game Supper, The Walk and the Poinsettia Campaign.


Unfortunately, as a result of the current pandemic situation, we were forced to cancel three of our four major financing in 2020. 


Thankfully, we can still count on the substantial contribution provided through activities and events held by the community to raise funds for the Residence. The vast majority of individuals who organize these events have had a loved one who stayed at the Residence.


And, due to the revenue we have lost because of cancelled events, we are counting on the help of these generous event organizers more than ever. So, if you’ve got some good ideas, why not put together a little fundraising event of your own? Or let yourself be inspired by some of the suggestions we’ve provided on this page.

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