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Patient services

Our care

Our patients and those accompanying them are warmly welcomed by a nurse and a physician who show them to one of the Residence’s 12 rooms.


The clinical care team consists of attendants, auxiliary nurses, nurses, nurses clinicians and four physicians.  


The care we provide is intended to help ease the suffering of our patients, without hastening or delaying death, and allow them to enjoy the best quality of life possible. Our care professionals stabilize patients by modifying their dosage of medication as needed. They relieve symptoms, provide hygienic care (mouth and skin care, for example) and ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible.


For our end-of-life patients, psychological well-being is just as important as pain relief. Our psychosocial coordinator, in collaboration with a volunteer, offers them the psychological support they need to prepare for the end of life. Patients who so desire can also receive spiritual support.


The members of our care staff are present day and night, attentive to our patients’ every need, while also respecting their privacy and autonomy.


Patients’ choices and limitations are always respected, as are their personal, cultural and religious values.


Our services

Comfort and physical well-being are an essential part of end-of-life care. This is precisely why they are an integral part of everything we do at the Residence.  


From their private rooms equipped with a bathroom and refrigerator, our patients enjoy a beautiful view of the gardens. They are also free to add their own personal touches to their rooms. 


The Residence also has common areas where patients can relax or gather with their loved ones. Unfortunately, these areas are not accessible during the pandemic.  


Patients who enjoy getting some fresh air can be brought outdoors in their beds if they are unable to walk or use a wheelchair.


Satisfying our patients’ tastebuds is also of great importance to us. Our chef and his team put their talents to work in order to create the most exquisite home cooked meals, provided free of charge. We always make sure our patients’ cravings for snacks is satisfied, any time of day or night.  


Many of our patients have pets that are as important to them as any member of the family. The presence of these animals can definitely help brighten these final days of life, which is why we are always more than happy to allow these animals to be by our patients’ sides.    


End-of-life care is also synonymous with the well-being provided through massage therapy, pet therapy and even hair care. We offer our patients moments of pampering, relaxation and personal satisfaction, thanks to the generosity and dedication of professionals who donate their services.  


The Residence is also equipped with a therapeutic bath that helps ease the pain of our patients and gives them an opportunity for much-needed relaxation.

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