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Bereavement support group

Do you feel alone in the painful reality of bereavement, have difficulty expressing what you're going through, and want to meet people going through a similar experience in a respectful, non-judgmental setting? Then our bereavement support group is for you. A warm and welcoming support group for adults aged 18 and over.

The objectives of these intimate encounters are:

-to begin the healing process of bereavement;

-break the isolation;

-regain control over one's life;

-support for a better understanding of grief;

-the opportunity to tell one's story and express emotions related to grief;

-create a support network.

Topics covered:

-Stages of grief

-Grief resolution


-Taking care of yourself






-Groups of 8 to 12 people

-2 groups exist: one for French speakers and one for English speakers

-8 to 10 meetings

-2 hour meeting

-Group closed after second meeting

-Voluntary and free of charge

-Facilitated by a social worker and a volunteer

-Telephone support as needed between meetings

-Not therapy


To register:

Please contact Stephanie Ann Tarquinio by e-mail or by phone 450-202-2202 #137

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