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Meet our volunteers

Check out our video in honor of the
National Volunteer Week 2022

I started to volunteer after my experience, when my mother needed palliative care services. I was so impressed with the amount of compassion given to my mother as well as what was given to my family. I vowed, that one day, I would volunteer at a palliative care center. 

Three years ago, I started to volunteer in patient care helping the nursing staff care for our patients. I then added kitchen duties and this winter help was needed at reception. 

No matter what area I assist, there are some common elements - kindness and respect are the top two that come to mind. I leave after each shift feeling blessed to have had the privilege to hopefully contribute and be part of this team. 

As we are all very different, I would strongly encourage anyone to reach out to palliative care and talk with the Director of Volunteer Resources to see where/how you can fit in...

Whether it is in patient care, kitchen detail, laundry, house cleaning, deliveries, gardening or reception there is a place that is right for you!!!

Beverly Duffy Zimmerman

Farouk Javeri_3.JPG

I have been volunteering at the Palliative Care Residence for eight years. It is a wonderful place run by many good workers and volunteers who whole heartedly give their best.

I decided to volunteer here as I retired and was looking to do something good to give back to the community and this wonderful country to which I migrated many moons ago. 

Wonderful people to work with and very competent at what they do. 

Love the Palliative Care Residence. 

                                                                                                                                Farouk Javeri

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Marjolaine, Gale and Francine


Bosica, whom we affectionately name Bo

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