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Travel LotteryDraw 2022

The MSPVS Passeport to travel lottery was a resounding success again this year. Indeed, the second edition made it possible to sell 70 tickets more than last year as well as to collect additional donations to raise $50,078.36 (net amount). This sum will allow the Maison to perpetuate its mission: to offer free care, comfort and comfort to end-of-life patients and their families.


For this second edition, there was something new: the big winner had the opportunity to choose between $10,000 in travel credit or to convert it into cash for an amount of $8,000. We already know that the big winner, Mélanie Guérin, will take the $10,000 gift certificate.  She wants to share the pleasure of traveling with these three children.


We would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket. Many of you dreamed of traveling and putting your hands on your hearts to give to the Maison. Such a success would not have been possible without your participation. It is not only four winners that we have today, but five thanks to your great generosity.  We are also grateful to our partner, Voyages Gendron, for its involvement and generosity. '' – Pascale Boily, General Manager.


On October 14, the names of the lucky winners were revealed during a Facebook Live. They shared $25,000 in gift certificates for the destination of their choice.


1 $5,000 gift certificate given to Claire Deronzier (ticket 0117)

1 $5,000 gift certificate given to Christine Gauthier (ticket 0532)

1 $5,000 gift certificate given to Karine Fortin (ticket 0658)

1 $10,000 gift certificate given to Mélanie Guérin (ticket 0722)

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